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Technology & Development

V4P FEB19 014

We create unforgettable games that are loved by hundreds of millions of players around the world.

Every day we experiment, prototype and challenge the norms. Energized by complex challenges, we take our games to unexpected places and push the boundaries of what's possible.

We test, learn, iterate and improve, sharing knowledge and working together to make our games reliable, scalable and secure. So we can bring moments of magic to our players and produce our greatest work.

Meet the Makers

"I really enjoy going to work. People are genuinely kind at King and easy to connect to. The competence of my fellow colleagues is truly stunning, it sets a high standard to perform well. At King you get the authority and freedom to apply your skills where you can make the biggest impact and this gives a great sense of accomplishment."


"One time I sat next to a lady on the London Underground, and she was playing Farm Heroes Saga! She was on level 500-and-something! I couldn't help myself, and told her I was a Farmer - we had a great chat about the game! And that's the one and only time I've ever chatted to a stranger on the tube! :)"


"I wouldn’t take stability for granted, so coming across King was a breaking point and an amazing challenge to learn the game ecosystem and grow personally in this exciting culture."