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London 213

We’re constantly finding new ways to engage our players and inspire more to join us.

We’re not just focused on new players, we’re also delighting the hundreds of millions of players we already have.

With everything from digital user acquisition campaigns to TV ads to interactive marketing to the occasional giant candy in our portfolio, we’ve got one of the highest global mobile spends of any category, let alone gaming.

Meet the Makers

"Passion fuels all areas of live and being player centric is my Rosetta Stone to delight players with innovative approaches. King offers the perfect scenario for it, surrounded by multidisciplinary and divers people in a very inclusive and fun work environment."


"King offered me a chance to meet lots of friendly and talented creative buddies. I really enjoy learning different things here and complete various types of challenges. Although I’m busy, I’m still allowed to eat two lunch boxes to grow my belly (Thanks guys!). We definitely fulfilled the spirit of “Work Hard Play Hard”."


"As a Producer at King, I’m empowered to make positive change by enabling our team to work in an autonomous and collaborative way. I focus on combining the ‘creative’ with the ‘process’ helping bring amazing outcomes which are seen and played by millions of people around the world. I am proud to work in an environment that supports diverse cultures, people from different walks of life and LGBTQ+ communities."