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Games Design & Production

London 018

We’re the lifeforce of our games – we’re Level Designers, Economy Designers, Audio Experts, Project Managers, and Producers.

And we put our heart and soul into everything. We all have an insatiable curiosity and it pushes us to bigger and better things, to new ways of thinking, designing and playing. We’ve got a unique focus and passion that comes from a love for our players and a respect for each other.

It fuels our determination to make unforgettable games that are loved around the world. Putting our players first and delivering the highest quality means we know our games will be a cultural phenomenon for years to come.

Meet the Makers

"Working at King is the best work experience I had so far. With great power comes great responsibility, but bigger satisfaction. The power to reach millions of people and giving them relaxed and joyful moments to get over problems or difficulties, is the most important thing to me."


"I've always been passionate about the systems and mechanics underlying game experiences. System design is the mysterious region where math meets game design. Working at King I've been able to combine the design of systems with data insights coming from large numbers of players messing around with our games."


"You should apply to King because the snacks here are amazing. Just kidding - we also make fun games enjoyed by millions of players, and there’s nothing sweeter than being a part of that."

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Level Design Intern

Games Design & Production, Stockholm

Art Director

Games Design & Production, London