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Data, Analytics & Strategy

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At King we’re dreaming bigger. Data, analytics and strategy are playing a key part across our Kingdom to shape our future.

We all have an insatiable curiosity, a drive to explore the uncharted and a passion for solving problems, fast. Working with games teams to boost engagement and make our titles irresistible. Providing the measure and rigour for business decisions.

And big data doesn't come much bigger than a billion gameplays and 10 billion events - every day. We’re predicting what’s next, evolving our games and our business, and guiding the way to make the world more playful.

Meet the Makers

“I’ve been at King for more than 4 years now but it seems like I started yesterday. Every day is about facing new challenges, meeting new people and tackling exciting projects. The team’s passion, commitment and expertise for our games and players are a big part of what makes King so unique for me. All of this hard and fun work gets on a completely different level when I cross someone on the street or subway playing one of the game I work on. This is just an amazing feeling to see the work we’ve put it being enjoyed by others”


“The level of scientific innovation and discovery at King never ceases to surprise me. So many experiments and insights that would be the envy of any academic research institution”


"I love working with people from different backgrounds and with different expertise. I’m learning every day, not just about data science but about game design, programming, presenting… It’s the people that make the products, and diversity is what makes our games so much fun!"

5 jobs in Data, Analytics & Strategy

Data Science Intern - AI R&D Team

Data, Analytics & Strategy, Stockholm

Machine Learning Intern

Data, Analytics & Strategy, Stockholm

Data Science Intern - Game Studio

Data, Analytics & Strategy, Stockholm