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Customer & Game Support

V4P FEB19 208

We’re the guardians of our games and the live connection to our players.

We make sure moments of magic can happen. Always putting our players first we’re driven by helping them get the best experience possible.

Because we know when they have the adventure of their lives, we’ll be loved by millions around the world.

Meet the Makers

"I am very happy to work with people who support each other regardless of the complexity of the problem, whether it's work related or personal. This creates a feeling of safety and trust making it easier to learn from my mistakes and keep looking forward."


"I am always a shy person to speak up my thoughts in front of everyone, the environment of King provides me the best opportunity that I can express myself with respect. This is my 4th year working in King, from Player Relations to QRT, I am happy it allows me to have different sights in the game industry."

2 jobs in Customer & Game Support

Tools Engineer - QA

Customer & Game Support, Barcelona