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Foster City

Outdoorsy type? Foster City’s waiting for you!

24 parks. Tennis courts. Soccer fields. Rollerblading and biking trails. World-class windsurfing. Dragon boating. Picnicking. Birdwatching.

… is it any wonder Foster City has been consistently voted one of the best cities to live in the US?

This seriously safe metropolis is nestled halfway between San Jose and San Francisco, and boasts its own corner of the bay - plus an incredible Lagoon area (seriously, it’s unreal). With a lush med climate, FC’s perfect for those who love to be active and explore, because here, the outdoors really is waiting. Whether it’s sunbathing, fishing, swimming, kayaking, or even heading out along the San Francisco Bay trail that tickles your fancy, Foster City will satisfy your every adventurous itch.

If you fancy a break from the outdoors and want to get all cultured, options are in abundance. From City Fest (a festival of food, wine, and art… need we say more?) to the resplendent Hillbarn theatre, to the public amphitheatre with its beautiful summer concerts, there are plenty of chances for you to flex your mental muscles, too.

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