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Berlin is hip but with heart. A place where glamour meets grit and you find the hottest happenings in the unlikeliest of places.

It's buzzing with history, with culture and with all kinds of life. A place that doesn't shy away from its past but is most definitely future-focused, the monuments, the culture, the food and the nightlife create a vibrant and mesmerizing mix that is uniquely Berlin.

Our office

You’ll find our Berlin Kingdom in Mitte, the city's central district right in the thick of the action. Step outside to historical architecture, vintage markets, world-famous nightlife and the best Asian food in Berlin. It's a neighbourhood of contrasts and eclectic jewels waiting to be discovered.

11 jobs in Berlin

Local treasures

You’ll find gems around every corner, but what are the big hitters to look out for if you're Berlin bound?

Relocation Guide

Here at King, we know moving to another country is a life changing decision.

That’s why we’ve gathered everything essential in this easy-to-read-guide. This way you can enjoy your time fully when you get here.

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