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Introducing Stephanie: our new QA Analyst


This week, I sat down with Stephanie – one of our new QA Analysts. I caught up with her on life at King so far and how she’s helping us to make the best games possible.

Hi Stephanie! To kick things off, why don’t you tell us a little bit about your role at King?

Sure! As a QA Analyst at King, I am the first and last line of defense against any bugs creeping into the game. My role involves testing the game thoroughly and ensuring only the highest quality products are released to the public.

So what inspired you to become a QA Analyst?

I wanted to help teams create the best product possible. As a tester, I am involved in shaping the quality and design of the product as I spend most of my time immersed in the game.

What made you want to work at King?

I was a big fan of King products, but King is also well known for its culture; for creating a fun working environment and great quality products. The attention to detail that goes into King games is second to none, making King a great place to learn and grow. Overall, King is the type of company I want to spend time at and be associated with.

How would you describe King’s work culture?

King is a very fun place to work - it has everything from pool tables, to a music room, craft room and ping pong tables! I love that you get to spend time in a great culture and with great team dynamics. King hires people who are friendly and open, making it very easy and fun to work.

Everyone loves a game of ping pong! Tell us about an average day at King – what do you get up to?

I test the game the team is working on and ensure that it is of the best quality. I perform exploratory testing regularly, and provide feedback on how the game is performing to my Lead and the team as a whole. I immediately inform them of any problems and provide clear and descriptive feedback on bugs and features under development.

What games or projects have you worked on recently?

Currently I am working on a new game, which is due to be released in a couple of months. It’s an amazing project to get started on; partly because I joined the team pretty much from the start when the game was starting to take shape. And because I was involved in the early stages of the game’s development, I feel I have been able to input on the creative process that helped shape the product.

Since being in your current role, what new technical skills have you learnt, or how have you improved your existing skills?

I have developed my QA skills a lot. I have broadened my knowledge of testing terminology and have more experience performing various types of tests around the game.

What has been your best moment or proudest achievement at King so far?

My best moment was at Kingfomarket. The atmosphere and sense of togetherness of the entire company was overwhelming and made me feel like a part of the King family!

That’s great – we’re one big family at King! Have you been to any other King events or meet-ups? What did you enjoy about them?

As well as Kingfomarket, I also attended a QA Summit. Events like these are fantastic for meeting team members and they allow employees to address any issues they’re facing and discuss them in an open and safe environment.

Do you regularly attend tech meet-ups or events in your city? What do you enjoy about them?

I attended a few ‘ladies who code’ events when I first moved to London but haven’t had time to keep up with meet-ups recently. I would love to spend more time getting to know the larger community and these events are a great way to do that.

And finally, what advice would you give to people just starting out in the games industry?

Keep asking questions. When you don’t know things people are more than willing to help you understand. Working with brilliant people can be very intimidating, and advertising that you don’t understand something can be very scary, but not asking harms your own development.

That’s fantastic advice and a great note to end on – thanks Stephanie! See you at the next Kingfomarket for lots more King family fun!

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