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Intern Life at King

Intern Tindy

It doesn’t matter where we get to in our careers. At King, we never stop learning.

From each other, from our players, from success, from failure. It’s how we evolve and improve. And how, just like every student whose worked with us, you will too.

Maik Eisermann


King is really passionate about equality and diversity. I think this is a very important topic in the games industry and I couldn’t be happier that the company I’m working for is pushing this first and foremost. My colleagues are all the best at what they do, but more importantly, they love what they do. And everybody is friendly and open doing it. I never felt my teammates went easy on me because “he’s just the intern”. I always got equally difficult tasks, could raise my voice in important meetings and bring my own ideas to essential decisions right from the start.

Tindy Hellman

The Games Assembly

One of the main reasons I chose King was the opportunity to learn from all the experienced people that work here: there is always something new to dig into if I want to learn more. To work in a bigger, ever-changing code base that many programmers are contributing to and to get familiar with different tools and methods to ease the process is an experience I’m really grateful for. My favorite moment during the internship was when the feature we had been working on went live and I could finally play it on my phone and show it to my friends.

Mégane Martinez


I reckon the whole structure around the Kingternship programme made me feel like I was really part of the team and that I mattered to the company. I was given the possibility to ask a lot of questions on subjects both inside and outside my internship scope. I would recommend to be as curious as possible, there is a lot to learn here about the different aspects of the business and a lot of people to talk to! People are friendly so don’t be shy and reach out!

Kunal Gupta

London Business School

I decided to take on an MBA at London Business School to change directions and follow my passion for technology, and it was there that I came across the opportunities available at King. I hugely enjoyed my research project culminating in a presentation to the CFO. Given I didn’t have any background in mobile gaming, the project allowed me to dive into the sector and get a fantastic high-level overview of what makes a gaming company successful. I left with the impression my work had added real value.