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Celebrating Pride 2022 in our games

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Step inside the colourful levels and features that have been bringing Pride to our players in Farm Heroes Saga, Candy Crush Soda Saga & Candy Crush Jelly Saga...

This year, Farm Heroes Saga brought back their successful Pride season! Alena Rybik, Production Director, told us, "Supporting and celebrating diversity has always been in the Farm’s DNA. We love Pride month and are always happy to celebrate it together with our players. Last year, we ran two specially themed live ops, which proved to be hugely successful.

"Gorgeous art was created by our very own Carina Zanner, Associate Principal Artist, and the rest of the Farm art team. Marketing supported our Pride season with specially themed in-game promotions, featuring on app stores and game ads."
Farm Heroes Pride
Crush Soda Saga have also been busy bringing their Pride season back! Andrea Atrio, Live Marketing Ops Specialist, gave us the scoop, "After the success of last year's Pride events, we knew it was the right call to push for an even bigger and more integrated Pride season in Soda. In 2021, we were limited in the number of Pride references and content we could include due to legal and tech limitations. Thanks to the amazing work of the team, this year we were actually able to run a full inspired Pride season. Our goal was to give visibility to the LGBTQIA+ community while bringing our player base closer to the DE&I message through a series of themed events.

"Kimmy has received a mysterious invitation to go to the Rainbow Reefs and host a Pride celebration. Together with her, you need to prepare for a proper celebration and join Misty for the parade. Your task to help Kimmy is to complete different quests to collect Rainbow tokens and other amazing rewards. Every time you collect a Rainbow token, you will help Kimmy decorate for the parade and reveal the Progress Flag in Rainbow Reefs."

Live from 1st June to 7th July, players could discover everything the Pride season has to offer, including other amazing surprises such as a new rainbow lollipop booster, tournaments and more!

Candy Crush Jelly Saga is taking waving the Pride flag to a whole new level. Anja Borowski, Senior Level Designer, told us "The Jelly team has created their very own 'Rainbow Party', where players collaborate to collect coloured fish in special Pride-themed levels. We successfully ran the event last year, and with more preparation time on our hands this year and some learnings from last year, we are running it again with more levels! From 9th June to 19th July, players can collaborate in a different level each week to gain some sweet boosters and unlimited lives.

"The idea for specific flag levels came from my Arisa Matzanke, Level Designer. With the specific flags she wanted to give representation to common but often overlooked groups and identities. It serves as a great space to represent herself as well as other people from the team who had the chance to propose flags that are important to them."

We're proud to celebrate Pride with our players, and our Kingsters, who bring these amazing features to life!

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