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Breaking Barriers in Berlin: Iulia’s Story

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Meet the wonderful Iulia Magheru, a Senior Java Developer and a formidable female force in the world of innovation and development. Originally from Romania, Iulia recently started her role at King and is based in the Berlin Kingdom.

When it comes to her journey to King, all it took was one scroll on LinkedIn and she knew she wanted to Make The World Playful. It's been just three months since she joined us, and she's already leaving her mark on the team.

We caught up with her to find out everything about her epic quest in her role at King and her experiences so far.  

Careers at King are pretty sweet. What have been your highlights so far?

Firstly, I’d say I’m in love with what I do - the company and, most importantly, my team. There’s always a lot to learn, but I really like that. The way I see it, learning is ongoing. If I were to narrow it down to one highlight though, it would definitely be KingfoMarket. I had barely started the job before I was flown out to Barcelona, and the whole experience was just… wow! That was a whole new level to what I was expecting. 

You’re part of the Berlin Kingdom. What do you love about our office space?

I love how people from diverse backgrounds unite under a common umbrella to share the same values. When I first started working, everyone was incredibly supportive, providing me with loads of help and valuable advice. It’s like one big family! Even if you haven’t met every person in the company, you know you will at some point. 

Could you tell us a bit about what your team culture is like?

Playful! We help each other out a lot and I’d say we’re a team in the actual sense of the word. We function well together, complement each other and always learn a lot from one another. I can’t find one particular word for it, but I really love my team. 

What’s your favorite project you’re working on at the moment? Tell us why.

There are plenty of projects in Player Support that I really enjoy working on. The whole idea of increasing the player experience I think it’s quite interesting and rewarding, and it’s those types of projects in which even managing to make things faster by a couple of seconds makes a huge difference.

Think back to all the professional advice you’ve received. What has been the most useful?

Hmm, that’s a tricky one. I wouldn’t call it professional advice, but when I was really young my grandmother always used to say to me “if other people can do it, you can too”. It depends how you interpret it, but for me it implies that the sky's the limit. I like the idea that nothing is impossible — at least until you try!

What are you most excited about for the future at King?

Everything, really. I get excited even when live deployments happen! I get excited to spend time with my team, or when we have offsite events.

In fact, we’re doing this interview from the Development Services offsite in Barcelona at the moment!

Iulia resonates most with King's 'Fast and Fluid' value. “I always like thinking outside the box,” she says. For her, it's all about finding solutions, giving them a whirl, and then moving on to the next challenge. “It means adapting to new things at a fast pace,” she explains. A true trailblazer. 

Iulia's success is a testament to crushing barriers and lighting the way for future women in tech. Even in her short but sweet time here so far, her impact has been nothing short of extraordinary. In her own words, “Working at King has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.”

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