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A fantastic time at Dragon Boats Media Cup!

Dragon Boat Trip

Kingsters of different roles like participated in the inter-company competition called Dragon Boats Media Cup with support from SWAT Berlin! How it went? Well, read to find out...

For the second year in a row, SWAT Berlin facilitated the participation of King in the inter-company competition called Dragon Boats Media Cup. The event took place on the banks of Spree, Berlin’s main river.

The competition was fierce. Local and international companies were competing for the main prize: 1000€ for the charity of the winner’s choice.

13 Kingsters of different roles like Game Designers, Game Developers, Producers, Artists, Scrum Masters, and QA Analysts trained the day before the competition thoroughly. The next day we were ready to give our best and try to secure a good place, considering we are not professional paddlers.

To our surprise, the first round we finished first in our running group! It was the best moment of the afternoon. Newcomers and experienced Kingsters, people from Candy Crush Jelly Saga and the prototyping team, we all enjoyed it! That was the moment we trained for. Right after, we had a small retrospective to check how we could improve our performance in the next rounds.

During our breaks between the rounds we were checking on our competitors’ performance, but most importantly, we spend some great time with our cheerleaders: colleagues, friends, and family.

The final results weren't something we dreamt of, but they didn't come far from our expectations. We secured the place 20 out of 27. Regardless of the result, we had a fantastic time together. We got to know each other better during an event that felt like a perfect team-building exercise. We'll want to repeat it next year for sure.

Go Vikings!

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