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UI Developer Streaming Platform - Technology

London 164

Job Description

Do you want to embark on an exciting journey, diving into our data stream?

Are you passionate about building great user experiences for tools that enable new ways of analyzing and personalizing games for 260 million players?

As our new team member, you will support the company in building UIs to enable real- time personalization and player insights through our distributed stream processing platform. You will work closely with world- class data and AI teams to enable new use cases.

Your role within our Kingdom

You will work closely with world- class software engineers, business intelligence developers, data scientists, AI researchers and game developers across all our game studios. Ensuring that we stay ahead in the streaming game, using the insights to create user centric products, making our players happy!

Some of the fun stuff you will get to do:

  • Create experiences enabling better personalization.

  • Create new ways to model data.

  • Create new ways to visualize data.

Skills to create thrills

You are a curious individual who really enjoys solving hard problems and a big fan of great engineering. Eagerness to learn and try out new things are traits that you can relate to and you have an interest in stream processing and distributed computing. You are able to communicate effectively about business requirements and make them a reality.

We are looking for experience in the following:

  • TypeScript

  • ReactJS

  • Jest

  • Webpack

  • GIT

  • Building REST or RPC APIs

Tasty bonus skills

  • Java

  • MySQL

  • Mobx, React Hooks or Redux

  • Ant design

Making the world playful

When it comes to interactive mobile entertainment, we're pretty proud to be number one. We bring moments of magic to hundreds of millions everyday through games like Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga. We take the art and science of gaming to the next level through our curiosity for the unexplored, passion for games, respect for each other and love for our players - and we’re not afraid to have fun along the way.

A great saga needs diverse heroes

Making games is fun. Especially when you do it with people who share the same idea of what makes a good workplace, great. We craft games for everyone, no matter where they are or who they are, and we employ all kinds of people from all types of backgrounds to bring them to life. We believe we simply can’t expect diversity in our players and new ideas in our games without first nurturing it in our people. A great saga needs all sort of heroes, wouldn’t you agree? That’s why we provide equal opportunities and hire all sorts of talent.

Dream bigger

It's an exciting time to join King. We're challenging ourselves to dream bigger and see a world of possibilities ahead. Together we’ll create new experiences that raise the bar. Through creativity and innovation, we'll redefine the world of games again and again.

All applications should be made in English and we are keen on getting to know you and the stuff that makes you tick!

King in Stockholm

“Go and watch the sunset at Skinnarviksberget, it’s the best secret beauty spot in the city.”

This is where it all began. From our Stockholm studio we first embarked on the Candy Crush Saga and the rest is Nordic folklore…

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Relocation Guide

Here at King, we know moving to another country is a life changing decision.

That’s why we’ve gathered everything essential in this easy-to-read-guide. This way you can enjoy your time fully when you get here – like hiking and eating raw herring.


Download guide

Technology & Development @ King

V4P FEB19 014

Technology & Development

We create unforgettable games that are loved by hundreds of millions of players around the world. Every day we experiment, prototype and challenge the norms.

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