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Monetization Director

V4P FEB19 029

Job Description

In Stockholm, our Candy Crush Soda team is investing more into active operations and management of the live game environment. One area is the management of monetary and transactional flows in the game; rewards, prices, sales etc. These types of operations have been done before in Soda and we aim to strengthen it further with more people, organisation and coordination.

As a result we are looking for a Monetization Director to lead the strategy, planning and execution of monetization operations for Soda. Be it smarter bundles in the bank, perfect sales frequencies, sustainable reward schemes; they will all be aligned and unified under the same monetization strategy.

Below is a list of responsibilities and as the position is new there is an expectation that some adjustments will be made depending on the candidate.

Your Role Within our Kingdom

  • Mandate to change any monetization configuration aligned with the Soda strategy. (prices, sales, ad- frequencies)

  • Configuring monetization in all live features for the highest possible combined long- term yield.

  • Driving and keeping the monetization perspective updated in the Soda strategy.

  • Creating an environment where decisions in feature teams are made in an informed way with respect to monetization.

  • Keeping Soda and King Leadership informed on monetary performance.

  • Keep the Soda team informed of Monetization research done at King & ABM.

  • Maintain an aligned roadmap of monetization ops- tech between Soda, Shared- Tech, King & ABM. (Mercado, ABM- tech, Bank- UI, etc.)

  • Staff a monetization operation organisation according to head count alignment with cross functional teams.

Skills to Create Thrills

  • Previous experience driving monetisation of games or digital consumer products through multiple revenue streams from one platform.

  • Previous experience of building a unified vision and direction.

  • Experience leading teams, both direct and indirect.

  • Familiarity with building revenue from In- App purchases, Rewards, pricing and Advertising.

  • Familiar with analyzing large data sets

Tasty Bonus Points

  • Knowledge on how to set up a data- driven pipeline for validating and monitoring small experiments/tests

  • Building up a pipeline of players to gather qualitative insights in combination with quantitative

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