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King 52

Our culture is a special blend of creativity, passion, and collaboration.

It’s what we expect of ourselves and how we treat each other. It is the reason we’re creating new experiences that raise the bar, delighting billions of people, and redefining the world of games again and again.

We craft brilliant games of mass appeal that bring moments of magic to everyday life.

We achieve this by getting great people to play well together in a creative environment to delight our players. At King we are entrepreneurial – we take smart risks, we learn fast and we share.

Making the world playful

We are seriously playful: we balance art and science, we are supportive but demanding in everything we do.

As a result, we are building a company where everyone can thrive, are proud to belong, hold each other accountable and where we manage our business for sustainable growth.


What makes us unique

Our culture is based on a shared promise to each other as Kingsters.

It’s how we show up, it’s what we expect of each other, and as a result, it’s the sweet reward we get.

We’ll know we’ve outdone ourselves when we’ve inspired the world to play.

Fun & Friendly

We create an inclusive environment where everyone can belong. We build trust, we're supportive and demanding in everything we do, and we're not afraid to have fun along the way.

Care & Craft

We put our heart and soul into everything we do - and we do it for our players. It takes all Kingsters, contributing in different ways , to craft and operate brilliant games of mass appeal.

Humble & Open

We treat each other as equals. We seek and give feedback, we listen, we learn, and we're honest with ourselves and others.

Fast & Fluid

We are responsive and embrace change. We take smart risks, always ready to dust ourselves off, learn fast, and try again.

Creative Champions

We are curious about our players and we drive innovation in big and small ways to delight them everyday. We boldly seek new ways of thinking to unleash creativity.

Passion & Performance

Our passion guides us to set ambitious goals for ourselves and each other. We hold each other accountablesee things through, and contribute to our sustainable growth.

Diversity at King

London 210

A great saga needs all sorts of heroes.

At King we share a passion for making the world playful. In order to achieve this, it takes people with different skills, experiences, and world views working together. There’s no such thing as a typical gamer. That’s why we embrace and celebrate what makes us different rather than what makes us the same. We believe diversity is King.

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