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Benefits & Perks

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Top 10 Benefits & Perks at King. Because you deserve moments of magic too.

What makes King a great place to work is all our people. We’re powered by a determination to be better tomorrow than we are today - and to have some fun along the way. So we offer sweet benefits and perks to match.

  • Competitive pay

We always check the market to make sure our pay is competitive. And we have profit sharing to reward our people for having an impact at King.

  • Coverage for the important life stuff

We make sure you can plan for the future. We’ve got you covered with medical insurance, financial saving plans, and other local offerings depending on where you live.

  • Time off

We have a generous holiday allowance, most of our offices close between 25 December and the New Year, and you can take a day to volunteer and give back to your community.

  • Learning opportunities are everywhere

Learn@King has hundreds of courses, books, and resources you can access anytime. Want to advance your C++, or Java skills? How about a live drawing workshop? We’ve got those too. We also do special assignments for on the job learning and we’re part of Activision Blizzard so career options are everywhere.

  • Next level workspaces

We have open spaces, desks on wheels, jam boards, cosy nooks for when you need to get in the zone, and rooms for teams to map it all out. Since our job is making the world playful we also have ping pong tables, cosy couches, and gaming zones. Yep, coffee, healthy snacks, drinks, and breakfast too.

  • Wellbeing

Wellbeing is important to us. Doing your best work requires being your best self. Our offices either have a gym on site or offer a gym & wellbeing allowance.

  • Employee networks to connect with people

Our employee networks bring people together. You can get involved in the planning or just enjoy perks! Whether its theatre trips, fitness classes, conversations on inclusion, or Pride, passionate employees make it all happen.

  • KingfoMarket

We don’t want to brag but KingfoMarket is kind of a big deal. Every year the entire company gets together to learn, share ideas, focus on the future, and celebrate our wins. Our events in general are epic but Kingfomarket is one of a kind.

  • Carbon offsetting

We want a playful and sustainable world so we participate in CO2 offsetting each year to make us carbon neutral across our office footprint, business travel, and game’s servers energy consumption.

  • King Swag

Use your Royal Store tokens to get some sweet headphones or a King trolley (that’s a suitcase for our US peeps). You’ll get new tokens every year so don’t forget to pick out a gift for your friends who are candy crushing over the fact that you work for King.

Team First, Hybrid Working

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At King, we value our employees and our teams. And we understand that Kingsters appreciate being able to balance their lives by being able to choose how much time they spend working from the office or from their home.

Our Team First, Hybrid Working model empowers teams across the Kingdom to decide how they want to work together, with a mix of in-office and home working. This allows Kingsters to connect, collaborate, celebrate and work effectively in their teams.

Our amazing offices remain open and available for all Kingsters, and our teams decide how often, and when, they come to the office. For some teams, there will be no minimum days in the office but there will be occasions that require attendance. For others, there will be set days or minimum days of attendance. Each team is empowered to determine what level of in-office working is required and expectations for in-office working will be communicated by managers.

A career with King

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Are you ready to Make the World Playful?

We’re experimenting, learning, and adapting continuously to shape the industry in ways yet to be imagined, and we’re not afraid to have fun along the way. Together, we’ll create new experiences that raise the bar, delight billions of people, and redefine the world of games again and again.

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