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Data Science & Machine Learning Internships


Job Description:

Your role within our Kingdom 

We are looking for passionate and creative Data Science, Data Analytics and Machine Learning Interns interested in pushing the boundaries of online games analytics to join our Kingdom! When we talk about data, we’re talking about more than a billion gameplays and 10 billion events. Every day.  


You will be part of the community of 100+ data science & analytics experts at King, while working in smaller teams of 6- 8 people, including other data scientists & analytics, focused on particular games, our network or specific business areas. You will help us further understand, model, predict, segment and retain our players, and help take King’s data capabilities to the next level.

Data Science Intern (Candy Crush) - Stockholm

You will be working in smaller teams of 15 people within the Candy Crush Saga. You will take part in typical tasks such as building both large detailed reports and one- off small pieces of analysis. Providing ongoing reporting and performance monitoring from multiple data sources. You’ll also be working with all parts of the business to identify analytical requirements and formalize an approach for reliable, accurate, efficient reporting on those requirements. The role also entails translating business needs to technical requirements and implementation and proactively developing new analyses and insights, to drive decisions and strategies for user acquisition and retention. You will be strong in quantitative analysis, statistics or mathematics, have programming skills and a curiosity about drawing business insights from data. Knowledge of statistical methods e.g. A/B testing/predictive analytics skills is a plus. You have ideally worked with practical applications of data analysis e.g. segmentation & visualisation and have programming skills in languages such as R, Python, Julia, Matlab etc. Experience dealing with large, real- world datasets and SQL is a plus and ideally you will be studying/have studied a quantitative/statistics based degree.


Data Science Intern (ML team) - Stockholm

We are looking for a passionate Data Science Intern to join the Machine Learning team. King has 300 millions+ players across our network of games with a lot of data. As a Data Science Intern, you will be part of the Data Science community with over 100 experienced Data Scientists and analytics experts at King. You will be working  closely with a group of 8- 10 Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers and Researchers. You will be helping us to perform data analysis, data modeling, machine learning research and implementations, in order to optimize player experiences and generate business insights for our mobile games. You have either taken courses in software engineering or machine learning, have programming skills and are interested in reading research methodologies and implementing them. 

Machine Learning Intern (ML Team) - Stockholm

We are looking for a hardworking Machine Learning Intern to join the Machine Learning team. You will be working closely with a group of 8- 10 experienced and talented Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists and Researchers, helping us to further understand, research, model, predict, implement and push the boundaries of our Machine Learning research and applications in our mobile games. You will also be part of the Data Science community with over 100 analytics and machine learning experts at King. You have strong programming skills in python (experience with tensorflow or keras is a plus) and have taken courses in machine learning or software engineering. We are also looking for candidates who are interested in reading research methodologies and implementing them. 

As an intern in both ML teams, you can experience exploratory research on machine learning in pioneering work, such as GNN, uncertainty modeling, improvement in hyperparameter search, or applied research in active learning, transfer learning and supervised learning. You will be helping to implement, evaluate and iterate the solution for the production use- case.  You will also be collaborating with ML engineers, Data Scientists and Researchers to help implement additional automation components to the framework. 


Data Analytics Intern - Stockholm

We are looking for a passionate Data Analytics Intern to join the Shared Tech Data Analytics team. King has 300 millions+ players across our network of games with a lot of data. As a Data Analytics Intern, you will be working closely with product managers and game teams by performing quantitative and qualitative analysis, data mining and visualization on key technology initiatives. These analytics will contribute to a larger initiative of building a suite of player observability tools that generate practical insights on our players to help us build better tech products to support our game teams. You ideally have experience querying and working on large data structures applying statistics and other analytical techniques and will be studying/have studied a quantitative/statistics based degree.


Skills to create thrills 

You will ideally have an interest in games, and you should have the ability to work in a flexible and fluid environment, where the job will evolve over time.  


Other skills include: 

  • Excellent communication and organization skills, with the ability to present your analysis in a clear and unambiguous way 

  • Knowledge/Experience in analysing large datasets and statistical analysis 

  • Creative problem- solving skills  

  • The ability to work well, both autonomously, and as part of a larger team  

  • You should be pursuing, or have recently completed, an undergraduate or master’s degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering Physics, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering or Computer Science, Data Sciences, Statistics or a relevant subject 


The skills listed above are intended to portray the range of roles we have available; you do not need to possess all of these skills to apply! We will look at your own individual abilities and determine which team you would be best suited to. 

Want to join our Kingdom? 

Apply now! Applications need to be in English. Our internships will last for 6 months, beginning in August/September 2022.


Please note: our application deadline is Sunday 3rd April 2022, however we recruit on an ongoing basis, so early application is advised to avoid disappointment. 


The brilliant experience we give our players comes from the diversity and experience of our people. A great saga needs all sorts of heroes. That’s why we hire all sorts of talent. 


About King

King is the game developer behind the world- famous Candy Crush franchise, as well as mobile game hits including Farm Heroes, Bubble Witch and Pet Rescue. Candy Crush is the top- grossing franchise in US app stores, a position it has held for the last two years, and King’s games are being played by 245 million monthly active users as of Q3 2021. King, which is part of the Activision Blizzard group since its acquisition in 2016, employs nearly 2,000 people in game studios in Stockholm, Malmö, London, Barcelona and Berlin, and offices in San Francisco, New York, and Malta.

A Great Saga Needs All Sorts of Heroes

Making games is fun. Especially when you do it with people who share the same idea of what makes a good workplace great. We design games for everyone, no matter where they are or who they are, and we employ all sorts of people from all kinds of backgrounds to bring them to life. Truth is, we simply cannot expect diversity in our players and originality in our games without first nurturing it in our people. A great saga needs all sorts of heroes.

Making the World Playful

Making the World Playful is what inspires us to create new experiences and raise the bar. It’s what makes King a place where we can all dream bigger, continue to add innovation to our games, broadening the portfolio and exploring new territories in mid- core and casual. We take the art and science of gaming to the next level through our curiosity for the unexplored, passion for games, respect for each other and love for our players - and we’re not afraid to have fun along the way. In fact, together with our parent company Activision Blizzard and experts around the world, we believe having fun is good for you. There has never been a better time to join us. We're dreaming bigger and see a world of possibilities ahead. If you share our passion, our values, and our hunger to shape the future, join us in Making the World Playful!

Applications need to be in English.
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Here at King, we know moving to another country is a life changing decision.

That’s why we’ve gathered everything essential in this easy-to-read-guide. This way you can enjoy your time fully when you get here – like hiking and eating raw herring.


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